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SAN DIEGO — With National Weddings Month in full swing, there is no better time than now to narrow down which destination will play host to a bachelorette party that brides-to-be dream of.

It appears San Diegans may not have to go far for fun as America’s Finest City was ranked among the top bachelorette party destinations for 2023 by Lawn Love.

To decide which cities are are bride and maids worthy, Lawn Love surveyed over 560 U.S. adults about their bachelorette party experiences. Things to be considered included trip attendance, budget and occasion appropriate activities.

Love Lawn then compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities by weighing options in restaurants, attractions, nightlife, spas, safety, cost and transportation availability to rank the top destinations for 2023.

San Diego was deemed the 15th best destination with an overall score of 36.14. Here’s a breakdown of how the city ranked in specific areas:

— Having fun: 11th

— Eating and drinking: 14th

— Resting and relaxing: 31st

— Getting around: 30th

— Staying safe: 46th

— Spending: 182nd

Here’s a complete list of the top 20 cities ranked by Lawn Love as the best bachelorette party destinations.

RankCityOverall Score
#1Miami, FL54.78
#2New York, NY54.7
#3San Francisco, CA54.02
#4Las Vegas, NV49.71
#5Los Angeles, CA45.46
#6Houston, TX44.95
#7Portland, OR43.3
#8Atlanta, GA42.6
#9Seattle, WA42.36
#10Chicago, IL39.79
#11Orlando, FL38.85
#12Denver, CO36.72
#13Fort Lauderdale, FL36.67
#14Pittsburgh, PA36.36
#15San Diego, CA36.14
#16Austin, TX36.01
#17St. Louis, MO35.06
#18Phoenix, AZ34.77
#19Washington, D.C.34.74
#20Honolulu, HI34.14

    Let the bachelorette party planning begin!