SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Air & Space Museum is looking for students who want to build a flying vehicle.

Dubbed the X FACTOR: Fly Your Ride competition, the museum announced this month 5th through 8th graders can now register for the contest.

Contenders will be tasked with creating blueprints for their builds, which are due by Feb. 1. They can be submitted online or mailed to the SDASM Education Department at 2001 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101.

Competitors will be notified of their entry status by Feb. 28. If selected, students will then gather their materials and build their vehicles ahead of the finals, which will be held on April 1.

SDASM said vehicles should be no larger than a shoebox. The goal is to release it down a ramp and try to land it safely on the other side of a gap. More information on the ramp, including measurements, can be found here.

A breakdown of the competition rules and procedures can be found here.

The vehicles will be judged in creativity and distance with cash prizes ranging from $600 to $50.