SAN DIEGO — San Diego leaders are celebrating a new climate action plan that focuses mainly on cutting its carbon emissions.

A draft of the plan was released in November 2021 in order to get people’s feedback. More than 4,000 San Diegans shared their concerns with it and what they thought should be prioritized.

The goal of the action plan is to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. Doing so is said to improve the air we breathe, the communities we live in and our overall quality of life.

Mayor Todd Gloria presented his updated plan to city council earlier this week and it was approved. He says the changes made are part of an effort to put San Diego at the forefront of climate action nationwide.

“This climate action plan will bring about profound benefits for San Diegans. I think often we talk about the trade-off and the challenges that have to be done but let’s be clear about what this will do … cleaner air, cleaner water, improve public health, more safe and convenient mobility options,” Gloria said.

Council President Sean Elo-Rivera also spoke during Friday’s press conference and acknowledge the fact there’s skepticism as to whether or not the city will actually achieve those goals.

“I get it. The reality is those goals of the last plan were not met. I’m going to ask folks to get on board and try to make sure we reach these goals,” Elo-Rivera said.

The city also wants to move towards a nearly all-electric vehicle fleet by 2035.