SAN DIEGO — San Diego drivers are reacting to the news Thursday that gas prices are about to go up even more because of a recent decision by The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC.)

The average price for regular unleaded gasoline in San Diego County Thursday is $6.43. The day before, it was one cent more expensive. 

The average price in California is $6.40 compared to the rest of the nation where gas is sitting at $3.87. 

Analysts say the ability to afford gasoline is about to get more difficult in the coming days after OPEC announced Wednesday it would cut oil production by two-million barrels per day.

The reduction by OPEC is expected to drive up gas prices in November, according to economists.

Jake Custodio told FOX 5 he plans to cut back on driving every day, while pumping gas at a Mission Valley Costco.

“The last time gas was four bucks was like two weeks ago and now it’s $6.05, so I am happy I am a member. Just save whatever you can, for your trip, like, take multiple trips in one day. It is wintertime, so, all I can say is just save up.”

To relieve some of the pain at the pump, San Diegans may want to consider public transit. Metropolitan Transit System trolley and bus day passes are $6 and those under the age of 18 can ride for free through June 2023.

Starting Friday, California’s inflation relief checks will also go out to those who qualify, providing a one-time temporary relief measure.