SAN DIEGO — People all over the nation are grieving after Tuesday’s elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, including in San Diego.

A vigil was held at Waterfront Park to honor the 21 lives lost to gun violence and to continue the call for change. A gong was struck 21 times for the 19 children and two teachers who were shot and killed at Robb Elementary School. It was hit an additional 17 times for those who were injured.

“As a mom, I have difficulty sending my kids to school every day,” said Wendy Wheatcroft with Moms Demand Action.

Groups like Moms Demand Action, San Diegans 4 Gun Violence Prevention and the newly-created “Safer California” helped host the event.

“We certainly are not against guns, but we want those guns to be properly secured, out of the reach of children, out of the reach of criminals,” said Carol Landale, executive director with San Diegans 4 Gun Violence Prevention.

It was a night to mourn the latest devastating loss to gun violence, honor the lives lost and offer support straight from other gun violence survivors.

“Hurt people, hurt people right, but this is how we’re hurting back. We’re that pain through passion, coming together in unity, different cultures speaking upon love and faith,” Essie Mayhorn said.

The groups say they also want to work to support candidates in California who support better laws for gun safety.