JULIAN, Calif. — More snow fell in the mountain town of Julian Saturday afternoon, creating a snowy playground for many adventurers.

While some people were able to make the drive up to Julian through State Route 78, others had to wait, or turn around in Santa Ysabel because CalTrans closed State Route 78 from Santa Ysabel for about two hours Saturday afternoon, only allowing residents up to Julian. Officials reopened the road and allowed anyone through in the later afternoon, as more snow fell.

FOX 5 drove to Julian Saturday and first spotted snow on the road just north of Ramona, at 2,100 feet elevation.

As soon as many San Diegans saw the forecast, they braved the drive and knew where they wanted to spend part of their winter wonderland weekend.

“The drive was a little rough, slow and steady, but it’s worth it,” said Natalie Munoz, a visitor of Julian. “Just be careful on your way up.”

“As soon as I saw on the news the other night, that it was snowing, I was like we got to go,” said Carrie Gonzalez another visitor.

“No questions asked we went and got our snow stuff out of the shed, and was like ‘we’re going!’ We didn’t hesitate, it doesn’t happen often,” Munoz said.

Even locals said a snowstorm of this size was long-awaited.

Many businesses on Main Street in Julian closed their doors early on Saturday as temperatures dropped and more snow started falling. A few businesses stayed open including The Julian Cafe and Bakery.

“It was actually a decision between all of us. Everybody decided to stay open because everybody deserves to come to Julian, even though it’s all this crazy weather. They deserve to come, sit down, eat, buy a pie,” said Jasmin Salgado, an employee at The Julian Cafe and Bakery. “We finally have a good snow day, they can finally come in and see what Julian is for, the nice big snow.”

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning, which will remain in effect until at least 4 a.m. Sunday.