SAN DIEGO — The City of San Diego is encouraging residents to vote for the naming of a new electric mini street sweeper.

The city said it received over 300 suggestions last month via social media and the choices have been narrowed down to the following three suggestions:


-The Blue Broomba

-T.E.S.S. (The Electric Street Sweeper)

To choose your favorite name for the new 100% electric mini street sweeper, cast your vote here. Voting will be open from Nov. 14 until Nov. 23.

The city said all participants will be eligible for raffle prizes, which include tickets to SeaWorld.

Once the name is chosen, the Stormwater Department plans to paint the mini sweeper blue with its new name as part of its Think Blue San Diego initiative.

“We want to thank all the San Diegans and people from around the world who suggested creative names for our little sweeper,” said Bethany Bezak, the Interim Director of the Stormwater Department. “We chose these three finalists because we felt they can give our mini sweeper some personality and attitude as she keeps our neighborhoods clean from trash and pollution.” 

The city says street sweeping provides two primary benefits:

-Keeping the streets clean of trash and debris while protecting water quality.

-It also contributes to the City’s mobility, sustainability and climate action goals. 

The new electric mini sweeper will be the only one of its kind in the San Diego. The city said it has zero emissions and its electric motor results in a significant noise reduction compared to a regular street sweeper, allowing operators to work early in the morning and late at night without disturbing residents. 

The city said this campaign was intended to raise public awareness of the importance of street sweeping to neighborhood quality of life.