SAN DIEGO — The holiday season is an exciting period, but traveling during this time can get pretty chaotic., an affiliate marketing gambling site, recently conducted a report analyzing flight departure data during the holiday season from the 50 busiest airports in the U.S. Of those 50, San Diego International Airport (SAN) ranked as the 15th worst for holiday travel this year.

The study showed that in 2022, 36% of flights were delayed or canceled during the holiday season at SAN — there were a total of 2,240 canceled flights and 692 delayed flights.

According to the report, SAN saw 544 canceled or delayed flights last Thanksgiving, while a total of 2,388 flights were impacted during the post-Thanksgiving holiday season.

The cold weather in Chicago is responsible for it being ranked the worst U.S. airport for holiday travel with 43% of its flights either canceled or delayed at Chicago Midway International, the study said. On the flip side, Charlotte Douglas International (Charlotte, North Carolina) was found to be the top airport holiday travel in the U.S. with 77% on-time departures.

Other California airport cities to make the worst for travel during the holidays were Oakland (No. 7), Sacramento (No. 12) and Santa Ana (No. 22). compiled the list by analyzing airline on-time departure statistics and delay causes during the holiday travel season between Nov. 18, 2022, to Jan. 4, 2023, from the 50 largest airports across the country based on passenger volume.