SAN DIEGO — A new safe option for shelter is being made available for homeless individuals living with chronic substance use, the County of San Diego Communications Office said Thursday.

Located on the campus of Veterans Village of San Diego, this residential respite will provide shelter, security and and individualized support services in a congregate setting, the county explained.

“One of our guiding approaches in behavior health is providing the right care to the right person at the right time,” said Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. “An individual facing addiction is an individual facing illness. They need to be met with compassion, with empathy and a path to wellness, and that’s what this center will do.”

The shelter will provide 22 beds, along with areas where individuals can eat together. The county said this will give them an opportunity to create bonds and support one another on their paths to recovery.

“We want to remove every excuse there is for folks to get off the streets,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. “You want congregate, we’ve got congregate. You want non-congregate, we’ve got that too. You want to be with seniors, you want to be with just women, you want to be with partner, you want to bring your dog — we’re removing all the barriers.”

Safe Haven housing will open in early January and be operated by Episcopal Community Services.

Individuals can stay at the shelter anywhere from six to 18 months.