LA MESA, Calif. — Two people were hurt during a motorhome fire that spread to a gas station in La Mesa Saturday afternoon, according to Heartland Fire & Rescue.

It was around 2 p.m. when firefighters first got word of a large vehicle fire at the intersection of El Paso Street and Lake Murray Boulevard in La Mesa.

When crews arrived on the scene they realized the vehicle fire had spread into the carport of “Super Star” gas station and two large palm trees.

It prompted firefighters to order up a first-alarm fire, signaling multiple agencies to assist with the incident, said Sam Rihan, battalion chief for Heartland Fire & Rescue.

“We had units from Heartland Fire & Rescue, from the City of Santee, City of San Diego, from La Mesa Police Department and AMR medical services responded to this location,” Rihan said.

The fire left two people hurt, although Heartland Fire & Rescue could not explain how significant the injuries were.

Rihan commended the gas station owner for thinking quickly on his feet when the fire broke out.

“Good thinking from the gas station owner, quick thinking. (He) came outside and hit the emergency switch right away which they’re supposed to do. It could have been a lot worse than what we ended up encountering,” Rihan explained.

There were some obstacles that firefighters had to overcome.

“Being here at the gas station with fuel around. Also, this is a pretty busy intersection, we had a bunch of bystanders around (and) traffic we had to deal with. Those are all hazards,” Rihan explained.

It took roughly 15 minutes to knock down the flames.

The cause is still under investigation.