SAN DIEGO – A Rolando Park family says recent storms have only further impacted a problem they’ve been dealing with for several years, without resolve.

There’s several thousand square feet in Kris and Rachael Revels backyard they say is unusable due to a city storm drain that dumps out water each time it rains.

Along with that water, comes debris and mud clogging up an old channel where the water is meant to flow through and out to the street.

Since 2016 the Revels say they’ve paid up to have the area cleared several times and each time costs about $1,000.

“Because it’s also has to include the hall away of the debris and the dirt and the rocks because there’s nowhere else to put it,” said Rachael.

The concrete making up the channel is also cracked or worn away in several locations.

The Revels say they’ve been trying to get to the bottom of the issue for years by reaching out to the city, but have been met with more confusion that continues to this day.

“We showed that we are willing to work with the city to allow them access to reroute or just ask for assistance. We just wanted help with clearing out the soil displacement that their drain is causing,” said Rachael.

After reaching out about the property, the city told FOX 5 staff did an assessment earlier this week. They acknowledged the drainage pipe, saying the system was built in 1951.

In a statement the city says records do not show an easement for the ditch running through the Rolando Park property and because that ditch is on private property, an easement is required for staff to do any repairs.

“Clearly, this isn’t something that somebody else built into their property right? It’s a city drain,” said Kris.

Faced with frustration, the Revels maintain they shouldn’t be responsible for public water flowing through their property.

“I am willing to pursue legal action and I feel like we are kind of backed into a corner where that may very well be our only option at this point,” said Rachael.

The city told FOX 5 they will be following up with the property owners and considering a potential drainage study at the location. The full city statement can be read here:

“This week, City staff conducted an assessment of the property on Aragon Drive and met with the property owners. While there is a drainage easement for the storm drain pipe and the outfall that runs behind the home, the drainage easement stops at the outfall. City records do not show a drainage easement for the concrete brow ditch that runs through the property at 4050 Aragon Drive. As the brow ditch is on private property, an easement would be required for the City to conduct any maintenance or make repairs to the ditch, which is intended to carry stormwater from the outfall to the street below.

This subdivision, along with the drainage system, were built in 1951. City staff will follow up with the property owners to review any records they are willing to provide and will review the site’s potential for a drainage study of the public stormwater system at this location.”