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SAN DIEGO — A pregnant woman says she’s shaken up but unharmed after a road rage incident led to her crashing into a tree in the Mission Bay area Thursday morning.

The woman, who asked only to be identified by her first name, Amari, told OnScene TV she was on the freeway when an angry driver got behind her.

“I was going to go to work, but since he was driving so erratically — he was honking at me, like blowing his horn, having his brights on me and everything, I was just like, ‘OK, I’m not going to go to work, because I don’t know what this guy’s about. Is he going to follow me to work and stalk me, mess with my car?’” Amari said.

It wasn’t immediately clear what preceded the man tailing her.

Amari told OnScene she got off the freeway and tried to lose the other driver, but then lost control and hit a tree off East Mission Bay Drive.

“The guy just stopped and was like, ‘Oh, that’s what you get,’ … and then just sped off,” she said, adding that the other driver used an expletive.

Amari’s story is one of several recent confrontations on roads and freeways in San Diego County.

A day earlier, two men got out of their cars at a Chula Vista intersection and started fighting, eventually escalating to a shooting. FOX 5 obtained video of that brawl from another driver who was caught off guard by the violence in broad daylight.

Last week in Mission Valley, a man was wounded on Interstate 8 when a dark Volkswagen Beetle pulled up and someone started shooting at his Jeep. The victim drove to a parking lot and ran inside a Target for help.

The violence has prompted a warning from California Highway Patrol.

“You never know what that person is going through, their mental state of mind,” CHP Officer Sal Castro told FOX 5. “You don’t know if they have a weapon in the car.”

Authorities say that in order to stay safe, you should do whatever you can to avoid engaging another driver.

“If you ever feel that you’re in that situation, drive to a safe location, contact 911 immediately. Try to get a description of the vehicle, description of the person that’s driving, a license plate — that would help us out a lot,” Castro said.

Authorities say another way to keep things under control on the road is to avoid distracted driving.

“While you’re driving distracted — you accidentally almost hit somebody, they get mad and then a war of words starts. Then we get to the situation where we have been in the last few days,” he told FOX 5.