SAN DIEGO — After some tough obstacles and two decades of work, the Beverly and Joseph Glickman Hillel Center in La Jolla has finally opened.

The center has previously faced several lawsuits.

It cost about $18.7 million to build and it opened Sunday next to the University of California San Diego Campus.

The 6,500-square-foot building will serve students by hosting Jewish learning, holiday experiences and community activities.

The center was approved but there were challenges from city officials. Some of those challenges included claims that the facility would lead to traffic and parking problems.

The Hillel Center will provide basic need support like food and shower access for students who may need it.

“It represents our resilience, our perseverance and our commitment to what a Jewish future can look like for our kids and their kids,” said Karen Perry, an executive for Hillel of San Diego.

The building will also host events that celebrate Jewish heritage.