SAN DIEGO — It was a good day for many San Diego businesses as Super Bowls fans spent time watching the big game at bars and restaurants.

“It’s a big win for Kansas City and a big win for San Diego,” said Josh Yazdian, a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

“Incredible, incredible, best game I’ve ever seen, best team I’ve ever seen. Pat Mahomes is the best quarterback ever, what can we say,” said Mike Geist, a Kansas City native.

Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles putting out an electric final match-up. The game was neck and neck for the most part.

“A lot of stress, a lot of depression, but mostly joy in the end, so it was all worth it,” Geist said.

Fans each had something worth remembering about the game.

“The bolden touchdown you get a defensive touchdown that swings the whole game, so that was huge for us,” Geist said.

Yazdian added, “besides Rihanna at halftime, I always wanted to be a quarterback so watching them go head to head it was a battle but they won it.”

“It went great today, especially at the end it was fun,” said Martin Blair, co-owner of the Kansas City Barbeque in downtown San Diego.

Kansas City Barbeque owners Cindy and Martin Blair have been in business for 40 years and know what it takes to pull off Super Bowl Sunday. They brought in the reinforcement of more staff and extra deep fryers.

Cindy said, “people come in all at once, they want everything all at once and you need to be ready for that.”

Plus prepping all the food.

“That’s the tricky part, particularly us we are meat-centric all the meat takes a while. Overnight our briskets and our pork butts take 12 to 14 hours. You have to plan ahead you can’t throw something on at the last minute if you are running out,” Cindy said.

Hard to spot but there was a lone Eagles fan in the sea of red and gold.

“I’ll give it up,” said Phil Mayes, an Eagles fan.

“I won’t fight you,” said his podcast partner Victoria Klausing.

However, it was a friendly rivalry in the end.

“I’m upset but you know what fly eagles fly all day every day baby. I ain’t mad at us, see you all next year,”  Mayes said.