SAN DIEGO — As hundreds of migrants are dropped off daily at San Diego transit centers, some organizations say resources to help are running dry.

“We have been seeing about one drop off in the morning, but that is about 200-300 individuals and then again in the afternoon, 200-300 people,“ said Paulina Reyes-Perrariz of the Immigrant Defenders Law Center.

She says organizations have been hard at work since last Wednesday helping people and trying to guide them on the right path to their loved one.

All the migrants have been processed and given court dates close to their sponsor families, usually out of state.

The volunteers provide food, drinks, clothes, even a cell phone charging station and help coordinate rideshares or drive people to the airport in their own cars.

“We’re just continuing to assist the best way we can, but our resources are limited,” Paulina Reyes-Perrariz said.

Thousands of migrants are being released to alleviate overcrowded processing facilities. But now, the organizations stepping up to help, also need support.

“We have asked for more resources as you can see it’s all scarce, we’re pooling from money that we don’t necessarily have,” Reyes-Perrariz explained.

Oceanside councilmember Eric Joyce says the city coordinates with organizations on ways to help. FOX 5 spoke to him on Tuesday as another group of asylum seekers was dropped off in Oceanside.

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“What the city is looking for is for the county to step up and to provide actual resources, sustainable resources that can help get us through this upsurge in migrant drop-offs,” Joyce said.

“These are individuals that are seeking refuge and we will do our best to welcome them in a humane a dignified manner,” Reyes-Perrariz said.