SAN DIEGO — A retired firefighter happened to be in the right place at the right time on Monday during a fast-moving fire that nearly burned two homes in Point Loma.

Neighbors say the fire was inevitably going to destroy the homes on Tennyson Street and possibly kill an older lady until a mysterious firefighter showed up, rescuing the lady and organizing a fast reaction to shut the fire down.

“Double parked his car. He jumped out. He ran into the back. He said, I need this, this and this. And he somehow found a hose and just handled the situation,” said Jackie Jourdane, a homeowner threatened by the fire.

The fire happened Monday morning around 9 a.m., catching the neighborhood completely off guard.

Ishmael Seere, a homeowner whose home was in the line of the fire, says he and the mysterious firefighter were fighting the fire from “two places at once.”

Now neighbors want to know who that mysterious retired firefighter was.

“On behalf of my neighbors and on behalf of myself and my boyfriend and our dogs and this beautiful Torrey Pines, we just want to say thank you. It’s just a good reminder that there are wonderful people out there,” Jourdane said.

The mystery hero is described as a white man about 60 years old, and wildly capable in an emergency.