MOUNT LAGUNA, Calif. — Families hitting Mount Laguna this weekend are in for some fresh powder memories.

“I was like let’s go, let’s check it out. Never heard of it up here in San Diego County, it’s surprising, you don’t see it as often,” one resident said about the snow.

The roads were icy, and a little extra caution wasn’t a bad idea.

And while people are mostly excited about the snow and impending storm, the work to clear the roads continues.

At The Outpost by Valley Farm, parking is critical, because people are starting to find out about this bar and restaurant that may be changing the game for Mount Laguna.

“The fact that it’s here now is just so much fun,” said Linda Anderson, a cabin owner. “My whole life I had to cook every single meal when we come up here and now, we have a choice.”

Rabi Abdel, with The Outpost, says they are big on hospitality and just ask for people to be respectful.

There’s a chance that travelers who decide to make it up to Mount Laguna this weekend may be snowed in, so they are advised to be extra careful.