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SAN DIEGO — Residents in the Arbolito neighborhood are concerned for their children’s safety after a convicted sex offender moved into their neighborhood without any notice to the community.  

Convicted sex offender, Spicer Conant, was sentenced to eight years in state prison in 2017 for kidnapping, contact with a minor to commit a sexual offense and unlawful possession of an assault rifle.

A concerned parent, who did not want to be identified due to safety concerns, told FOX 5 Conant is living with his mother on Poway Mesa Drive.

According to the concerned parent, no one notified the community with several school-aged children that Conant was moving in.

“We were not notified by anybody, we kind of had to find this information on our own,” the concerned parent said.

Conant was arrested by the Escondido Police Department back in 2017, when he tried to lure several underage girls into his car, finally getting an 18-year-old to get into his car. Police arrested Conant and found an assault riffle with about 1,000 rounds of ammunition in his trunk.

“This was kind of a shock, just being in the center of our neighborhood, that is,” the concerned parent said. “There is so many kids around. It was just kind of a shock.”

According to the Megan’s Law website, Conant is a level three offender, deemed “average risk” to commit a sexual offense again. Sexual offenders who are no longer on probation or parole are allowed to live wherever they would like.

The concerned parent doesn’t understand why this home close to a park, school and several children would be approved for Conant, who is currently on parole.

Parents in the area are writing letters to Conant’s mother, the homeowner, to have him relocated to another area.

“I understand that he has a right to live and be somewhere, I don’t want him to have nowhere to go,” she said. “However, this might not be the best place.”

FOX 5 reached out to the district attorney’s office to clarify Conant’s status and why he was approved to live in the Poway Mesa home, but have not heard back.