SAN DIEGO — Scripps Institution of Oceanography researchers are using advanced technology trying to understand which cliffs in California are falling the fastest.

San Diego has several beach communities that are under advisement as bluff failures are becoming more frequent due to sea level rise.

“We have to be thinking about moving people out of harm’s way,” said Dr. Tom Corringham, from UC San Diego’s Scripps research organization.

Bluffs in Sunset Cliffs have been isolated as the fastest failing in San Diego County. Researchers estimate some of the cliffs will be losing roughly 2 inches a year.

“We can try to adapt in ways. We can take steps to fight against rising sea, armoring our coast and replenishing sand on our beaches. Then ultimately when the sea levels rise high enough, we have to start thinking about retreat,” Corringham said.

UCSD has created a map of areas with the fastest eroding cliffs. You can view the data here.