UPDATE: Republic Services and its union workers agreed to a deal Monday, ending the trash strike that has plagued neighborhoods in San Diego County for the past month.

SAN DIEGO — The stalemate between trash collection workers and Republic Services may soon come to end after the waste-management company on Sunday announced their “last, best, and final offer” to the union.

As the deadline approaches — set by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria to reach a deal by Monday — Republic Services said in a statement to FOX 5 it is disappointed the union has not come up with a realistic offer for the market. According to the company, the final offer includes significant increases in wages and benefits, in addition to other enhancements to its employees’ total compensation packages. Republic Services also included a new financial incentive for employees tied to ratification and agreement by the union.

“The communities of San Diego and Chula Vista have paid the price of the union’s approach, and we continue to do everything in our power to move the process forward,” Republic Services said in a statement to FOX 5. “We continue to be grateful for our longstanding partnership with the cities of Chula Vista and San Diego, and we share our community’s frustration that the union-led work stoppage has yet to be resolved.”

The waste-management company claims it has conducted extensive market analysis, finding that their wages and benefits were “very competitive” among their industry within the market.

On Friday, Gloria announced his office had given Republic until Monday to reach a deal after its 250 workers walked off the job last month to strike for better wages, benefits and working conditions. The mayor threatened fines and even ending the city’s own agreement with the company.

The offer also comes on the heels of Chula Vista City Council’s special meeting Saturday night to ratify its local public health emergency due to the strike.

FOX 5 reached out to a representative from the Teamsters Local 542 who said the union disagrees with the company’s statement that it is their fault the trash has not been taken care of in the cities. The union says it will have a more formal response on Monday.