CARLSBAD, Calif. — Firefighters are settling into their new station in Carlsbad.

Located along El Camino Real next to the La Costa Resort, the rebuilt 10,000-square-foot Fire Station 2 is nearly three times the size of the old station, which was built in 1969 and was home to one firefighter and one engine responding to 250 calls a year.

Fire Station 2 crews were in need of an upgrade, as they now respond to 4,000 calls a year.

“This fire station has the ability to house up to six firefighters and five apparatus, anywhere from a 60-foot ladder truck all the way down to an ambulance,” said Carlsbad Fire Chief Mike Calderwood.

The $14.4 million project was approved by voters in 2016.

“This area has grown immensely over the last 30-40 years, so it’s something that needed to be done. The city was able to pay cash for it because of our financial stability — so we’re happy,” Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall said.

The modern firehouse also includes environmentally-friendly features such as solar panels, solar water heating and electric vehicle charging stations.

During construction, crews and equipment were relocated to the nearby city library.

Moving back in, firefighters are enjoying the added space – although the new station occupies the same footprint as the old one.

“To be honest, I was not a believer that they would be able to fit a fire station this size and have the ability to house as many apparatus and the number of staff that it is, so I commend the design team and the architects for being able to create such a fine station on such a small lot,” Calderwood said.

The city is now working on a new Fire Station 7 along the coast at the site of the old power plant.

City officials expect to have that temporary station running in January, but have not yet determined a permanent location.