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SAN DIEGO — “Top Gun: Maverick’s” premiere at The Lot in Liberty Station Friday brought in the very best of the best pilots from the real Top Gun.

The excitement was real as some of the pilots were the actual flyers from the movie. Others were retired fighter pilots all still ready to get back into their flight suits.  

“I saw the original and I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that that movie was one of the main reasons why I was lucky enough to fly fighters and be back as a Top Gun instructor,” said Lt. Col. David “Chip” Burke. “Every single thing I saw was something I’ve done in that jet, which is the coolest part about it.”

After the film finished, the pilots analyzed the flying and performances.

“It’s a movie, not a documentary so you want to be entertained, but part of me wants to say that wasn’t quite right. You have to suspend that and just enjoy it,” said Commander Vincent “Jello” Aiello, a former Top Gun fighter pilot.

FOX 5’s Jaime Chambers recommends to see the film in theaters, as the action is larger than life.