POWAY, Calif. — Two Poway Unified School District schools are dealing with an air conditioning issue that is causing classrooms to get hotter as the day goes on.

At Rancho Bernardo high and middle schools, portable fans are blowing on high speed in classrooms and students are catching shade outside wherever they can find it as the campuses deal with inconsistent air conditioning.

“It’s a struggle for all of here at RB with the heat and the humidity,” Hans Becker, principal at Rancho Bernardo High School, told FOX 5.

“The kids have been amazing, the teachers have been strong,” he added.

The school said the day starts off fine. Then after a couple of hours, their AC unit stops producing cool air, and the day turns into a hot sweaty situation, according to Becker.

“The district has had maintenance folks here every day, they brought in outside consultants,” Becker said.. “They are working on it, sometimes in the evenings and on the weekends. They’re trying to patch up the existing system which is old and needs to be replaced.”

Becker said long-term solutions would include replacing the system so it’s efficient for both middle and high school campuses.