RANCHO BERNARDO, Calif. — Members of the community in Rancho Bernardo are raising their voices against the placement of sexually violent predators in San Diego County.

This event is being put on by State Assembly member candidate Kristie Bruce-Lane who is calling for the prevention of sexually violent predators from living near schools for life.

“Our crime has doubled already and our families are hurting and our children are in harm’s way so we will continue to fight sexually violent predators from being placed in our communities,” Bruce-Lane said.

Residents in Rancho Bernardo voiced their concerns over the next SVP living next to them. 

Last year, residents in here fought against the placement of SVP Douglas Badger, causing the homeowners to withdraw their offer to place him there. 

“California health care system wanted to place convicted sexually violent predator Douglas Badger on hole fourteen of the golf course, 300 yards from my house. We were petrified,” resident Jeff Grace said. 

The concern comes as San Diego County Board of Supervisors’ Jim Desmond raised the alarm over the state’s possible placement of five more SVPs in the county by the end of the year. 

“We can’t have that, we have tons of families in this area. I have a seven-year-old myself,” Bruce-Lane said.

Bruce-Lane criticized Assembly member Brian Maienschein for his bill, which she says allows SVPs to live closer than 1,500 feet from an elementary school.

But Maienschein says the bill requires SVPs to be GPS monitored.

“It’s a two sentence bill that says that sexually violent predators need to be monitored with an ankle bracelet seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and in fact, the San Diego Police Officer’s Association supported it,” Maienschein said.

This event comes as residents in Borrego Springs were notified Thursday by the sheriff’s department that SVP Michael Martinez will be placed there.