SAN DIEGO — The rain could make it a mess for New Year’s Eve partygoers on the water.

Some boat rental companies said they canceled their New Year’s Eve reservations due to the storm while others say the celebrations will sail on.

Ringing in the New Year on the San Diego Bay may be docked for some but others are still expected to pack the water, rain or shine.

“With the big events in San Diego, there’s a lot of people on the water,” said Philip Schutt of Sail Liberty.

“Kind of an ‘all hands on deck.’ Both, that’s land and the water. We do expect that inclement weather coming in. A lot of the cruises and traffic. We just ask everybody to be safe,” said Lt. Raul Munoz of Harbor Police.

But the storm is changing the plans of many boat partiers and operators. Many boat rental companies had to cancel their reservations.

“We had 12 people that were coming aboard the boat for festivities during the day and the evening,” Schutt said. “We looked at the weather forecast and called them and talked to them about their trip and decided altogether that it would be best not to go out.”

Some boaters operators worry about the weather Saturday for New Year’s Eve. They are expecting strong rain showers, gusty conditions and crowded traffic on the water.

Most cruise lines said their NYE celebrations will go on. City Cruises says its New Year’s Eve Premier Dinner Cruise will run as scheduled thanks to its climate-controlled interior dining decks.

Flag Ship Cruise and Events also said its “Pier Pressure Moonlight” Cruise will still embark to ring in the New Year. 

“It’s totally uncomfortable for the passengers and for sailing a boat with the heavy winds and rain. It’s just not fun to be out here,” Schutt said.

Harbor Police will be maximizing staffing for the celebrations and advises it may not be safest to party on the water.

“Every time the weather gets a little rough out there generally more accidents tend to happen. We’re prepared,” Lt. Munoz said.

Officers said if you do plan to party on the water give yourself extra time to go to and from your destination, have proper working equipment and don’t drink and drive.