SAN DIEGO — Venues in San Diego are working to make sure the rain doesn’t ruin your New Year’s Eve celebration.

Many NYE event organizers say they’ve had to change things a bit and move some of their festivities indoors to keep people from getting drenched.

“New Year’s is one of our busiest nights of the year obviously,” said Caleb Singleton of Parq Nightclub. “What we have here at Parq is a full-venue experience. We have five DJs.”

But many New Year’s Eve celebration organizers say what could put a damper on it is the rain.

“We do know the rain is coming but we are very lucky to be a mostly indoor venue. We know there are a lot of venues downtown that have no roof and are on rooftops,” Singleton said.

Willie Hamilton’s NYE event called “Rooftop Romance” at Imperial House near Balboa Park is now forced to shift much of the party indoors.

“We’re lucky enough that this is not just a rooftop,” Hamilton said. “It’s also an indoor place so we’re able to kind of move things around and most of the activities are going to be taking place on the inside as well.”

Parq Nightclub closed its retractable roof in its open air area. It also plans to roll out tents and heaters to keep guests comfortable despite the conditions.

“Just gearing up for a lot of people,” Singleton said. “A lot of drinks, and essentially, we’re prepared for the rain.”

Andaz Hotel staff say they are also prepared. 

“The roof up top is retractable,” Drescher said. “We have that down currently.”

Andaz will use its retractable roof and lower its weather walls to protect guests from the elements as they ring in the New Year—rain or shine! 

“Heaters are on,” Drescher said. “Everything will be warm. Bars underneath the covered space so no trouble accessing those areas as well but in general, I think we’ll be prepared to weather any of the storm.”

San Diego police is also expected to step up patrols for NYE. Venue staff also recommend taking advantage of Uber, Lyft or a designated driver especially with the wet road conditions out there.