SAN DIEGO — A short memorial service was held in memory of Queen Elizabeth II at the House of England in Balboa Park Sunday afternoon.  

The ceremony was also put together by the House of Scotland, which contributed the bag pipes and music. 

A tree donated by Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe owner Selina Stockley was planted in front of the cottage in memory of the late queen.  

“This will be here, we will get a plaque organized, let the tree settle in here and have a nicely bloom,” said Craig Tolson, president of the House of England.   

Stockley also reading the queen’s coronation speech to wrap up the ceremony. 

“She wasn’t just our queen, I believe she was everybody’s queen, and this is why the outpouring of grief and love for her is overwhelming,” Stockley said.  

A group of corgi pet owners also attended the memorial service, as the dog symbolized one of the queen’s beloved pets.  

“I named her after the queen’s last corgi from her last line of corgis that she first had with Susan,” said Debbie Hall, who attended the ceremony with her 4-year-old corgi Willow.   

The Queen’s funeral is set to start Monday at 2:30 a.m. PST, with it being televised at Shakespeare Pub in Mission Hills.  

The House of England is open for visitors on the weekends at Balboa Park from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.