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SAN DIEGO — Another “Reopen San Diego” rally was held Saturday near downtown.

Several hundred people gathered outside the San Diego County Administration Building to call for a complete reopening of the county.

“Our small businesses are being devastated and these are people that are going to be impacted for their entire life,” participant John Lindsey said.

It’s a scene that has become familiar in the past month: crowds, flags, chants and honking horns for more than an hour. Similar rallies have been held recently at the Hall of Justice in downtown San Diego as well as in Pacific Beach and at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.

“What we want is to open our schools,” Kathy Halligan said. “I have a 5-year-old granddaughter who needs to have her schools opened.”

Those present at the rally included former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock and County Supervisor Jim Desmond. Also present was Oceanside City Councilmember Christopher Rodriguez, who has publicly clashed with other local leaders over the issue of reopening.

Some attendees voiced support for local officials, instead saying it’s state lawmakers with whom they disagree.

“San Diego should start having their own autonomy to decide their own fate,” Halligan said. “Why is someone in Sacramento telling us how San Diego should be run? They’ve asked for autonomy, Gov. Newsom has not given it to them.”