OCEANSIDE, Calif. — North County residents concerned over a proposed warehouse near the Oceanside Municipal Airport got a chance to hear straight from the source Tuesday evening.

The developer, RPG based in Encinitas, held a community Zoom to share more about the project.

“It’s giant. It is the size, if you will, without the sidelines and such but of about 10 football fields,” said Dee Keck, nearby resident.

Keck is one of many living in the airport area of Oceanside with questions about a new warehouse proposed on about 30 acres of land off Highway 76 at Benet Road and Eddie Jones Way.

“We are looking for transparency, not packed answers,” Keck said.

On Tuesday evening, Keck and dozens of others got that opportunity through an online meeting hosted by the developer where several key topics were addressed.

“We are not building it for a specific tenant and so we have to have it build a flexible building that could be used for multiple uses,” explained Adam Robinson, the developer and owner of the land.

Robinson says the space is being designated as approximately 65% for warehouse business, 28% manufacturing and 7% office space, noting that warehousing lends for less employees on site.

Plans for the space include more than 100 semi-truck terminals, nearly 600 parking spaces and a building that’s just under 600,000 square feet.

“Everybody going east and west everybody going from the 5 onto off of the 76 will be impacted,” said Keck, who is concerned about the increased flow of cars.

The land is already zoned for the industrial space and developers say they hear the concerns over noise, traffic, emergency vehicle access to the area and preventing pollution of nearby San Luis Rey River.

They have completed a traffic study and promise to contribute to a public fund to improve the intersection of Highway 76 and Benet Road.

An environmental study is underway and community outreach will be ongoing while their application with the city is being completed.

The city of Oceanside says the application still has to be completed before it reaches the planning commission, so no approximate meeting date has been set yet.

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In the meantime, neighbors in the area have a petition and resources for those who want to know more.