SAN DIEGO — Keeping safe this Halloween is a top priority for parents of young trick-or-treaters. Dozens of parents showed up to daytime Halloween events at Liberty Station on Sunday.

Parents are also preparing their children about the rules for heading out Monday for trick-or-treating. Those seeking candy door-to-door will need to activate their safety shields on Halloween.

“Don’t go into creepy hallways and we have to stay with each other,” said Aubrey Stockwell, who dressed as Harley Quinn.

Cheyenne Stockwell, dressed as the Mad Hatter, said, “stay with the family, don’t go by anyone you don’t know, unless you’re with someone.”

Snagging some of the best candies while darting around to different homes comes with being careful.

“She has a wagon, so she’ll be in there,” said parent Kelly Brown, who will take her daughter trick-or-treating. “Making sure we don’t go out too late, some glow sticks so people don’t see us in the dark.”

April Cushman, a grandmother who is taking her grandchildren trick-or-treating, explained she intends to keep an eye on them, hold their hands and check their candy. She’s now concerned about recent reports of fentanyl making its way into the candy.

Cushman said, “It looks like M&M’s or Skittles, so that’s very disturbing, very scary. We really need to keep an eye on that and keep it safe, scary times we have to live in right now with that.”

Other trick-or-treaters are worried about drivers in neighborhoods.

“I worry because this one likes to run off a lot,” Cheyenne Stockwell said regarding a child. “Worried she might run into the street, but aside from that — not worried about anything else.”

Carlsbad Police are also preparing trick-or-treaters with some advice, such as plan a head, drive safe and start early in the evening.

Click here to view Carlsbad Police Department’s tips for a safe and fun Halloween.

An arms-length long of tips, but it is still popular.

“I like it because you get candy and you get to trick-or-treat with your family and friends,” said Aubrey.