SAN DIEGO — San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria was in the Stockton neighborhood Saturday as a new type of housing development was unveiled.

The development is a 34-unit residential apartment building on Market street.

It will offer one and three-bedroom units. The buildings are pre-assembled and take just five days to build.

“The 34 units represent only a fraction of the pipeline that we currently have in the City of San Diego,” explained Drew Orbenstein, the CEO and founder of Impact Housing. 

“These units are built by Southern Californians for Southern Californians; they are completely finished on the interior. We have our kitchens in, we have our sinks in, we have our air conditioning units in, we have our cabinets in, they are ready to go.”

“What we have to be is a city that says, ‘if you’re willing to work hard we will make a place for you here’ this project communicates that,” Gloria said. “This project says that we are willing to make a place for you here at a price that you can afford and put a roof over your head that you can be proud of.”

One-bedroom units will start at $1,700 a month and 3-bedroom units begin at $2,500.

FOX 5 looked at Zillow and found out that the units are no different than the current rate.

The city said units will be available in June and people can begin applying in mid-May. It’s just among many planned for the San Diego area, with more than 1,300 scheduled.