SAN DIEGO — Monday’s Powerball jackpot is now the largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history.

Convenience stores and other lottery retailers like the Circle K on Santos Road in Kearny Mesa have been busy selling Powerball tickets non-stop.

A store in North County was also a buzz after someone bought a ticket worth more than a million dollars. It happened at a Rite Aid located in Encinitas on Manchester Avenue. Lottery officials say the ticket matched five out of the six winning numbers.

Everywhere you go right now, it seems like everyone is excited and is talking about the next Powerball jackpot. It is now the largest U.S. lottery prize ever.

Over the weekend, the Powerball jackpot grew to $1.9 billion after Saturday’s drawing saw no winning tickets.

People like Olivia Amy have been trying their luck.

“It’s $2 billion…I just got out of the Navy so $2 billion would be like, it would help me with my transition, make it a little easier,” said Amy.

Terron Woods, who bought a ticket before work on Monday, tells us he has an idea what he would do if he were to win.

“Not be working for the post office, I would not be here,” said Woods. “(I would) probably be on an island chilling. I don’t know, something big, something fun, exciting.”

The cash option is $929 million. After federal taxes in California, you would really get about $585 million. The odds of winning are about one in 292 million.

The deadline to buy a ticket in California is 7p.m., one hour prior to the drawing.