Editor’s note: A previous version of this story contained an incorrect location for the dispensary and an incorrect number of dispensaries in La Mesa. The dispensary is located on El Cajon Boulevard and Hillside Drive, and there are 12 dispensaries in the city. The story has been corrected.

LA MESA, Calif. — A new marijuana dispensary has been approved in La Mesa after residents made their final stand against a proposed Urban Leaf marijuana dispensary Tuesday.

The latest dispensary is going to be on El Cajon Boulevard and Hillside Drive, and will be situated right next to another pot shop.

Residents approved the use of dispensaries overwhelmingly five years ago, but now with 12 dispensaries in La Mesa and another on the way, they have vowed to revisit the voter initiative which granted access.

Initially, the Urban Leaf plan to build a new facility was approved by the planning commission. Then as complaints arose, the councilmembers canceled the approval.  

Urban Leaf owners sued the city for violating their own ordinances, and in the end, the council along with the mayor finally approved the plan over the concerns from La Mesa residents.  

The founder of Urban Leaf Will Senn says people always protest his shops at this point in the process, but he says they are far more quiet than people believe.

“We followed all the rules and we agree with the staff of the law and we agree with the council. We appreciate them understanding the position and doing the right thing and following the letter of the law, but there are heighted sensitivities, I totally get it,” Senn said.  

The new Urban Leaf isn’t expected to be open for another four years at least.