SAN DIEGO — Pacific Beach was buzzing with activity Thursday afternoon as tourists made their way to Crystal Pier. But many were disappointed to find a sign saying the pier was closed for maintenance.

The city says the Crystal Pier Hotel, which owns the portion of the pier closest to the coast, noticed some damage to the pier during the winter storms.

While it is believed that the section of the pier that includes the lodging units is safe for overnight occupancy, the hotel believes that most of the damage happened in the final third of the pier, which is owned by the City of San Diego.

The hotel controls access to the pier via its property, so it has closed access to the public section of the pier as a safety precaution.

“The City has hired consultant Moffatt & Nichol to visually assess the current condition of the Crystal Pier. We are currently awaiting a final report from our consultant. After receiving that report, we will have a better understanding of the potential damage, repairs, cost and timeline to reopen the currently closed portion of the Crystal Pier,” spokesperson Tyler Becker with the City of San Diego said in a statement.