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CORONADO, Calif. — Police arrested a woman who they say made herself at home after breaking into a stranger’s house in Coronado.

It all started with a call from an out-of-town resident around 11 p.m. Thursday, who told Coronado Police Department that a relative who lives nearby noticed “suspicious activity” at their house on Alameda Boulevard, the agency said on Instagram.

Officers showed up and confirmed that someone appeared to be inside — and they found metal shavings on the ground and pieces of an old lock at the door. The neighbor provided a spare key and police discovered a bizarre turn in the investigation: someone had changed the lock to the place. The resident confirmed that no one was supposed to be there, and they certainly hadn’t asked for the lock to be changed.

Officers called for back up and started checking around the home, finding “multiple doors wide-open in the back of the house.” The fireplace was roaring and music was playing, and police could see someone moving around on the second floor.

Police called for a sheriff’s department helicopter to help them and a San Diego police K-9 unit. A few minutes later, a woman stepped out of the home, claiming the house was hers and that there were two children inside.

Officers took the woman into custody but held off on sending the dogs inside until they could confirm no children were in harm’s way. In the end, they found no one else inside, according to the department.

The woman, 43, insisted that she belonged at the property but admitted she’d called out a locksmith to change the lock herself, police say. She was arrested and charged with burglary, according to CPD.