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SAN DIEGO – A 61-year-old woman was shot in the back Monday evening while packing her car after a day at the beach, according to police.

The shooting was reported just after 9:30 p.m., according to a watch commander. Police say it stemmed from an argument between a group of four men just east of the bathrooms near 3150 Mission Boulevard.

San Diego police say one of the men ran away from the group, heading south in the parking lot.

“A male from the group shot at the male running away, but hit the victim, a 61-year-old female, in the upper right back,” police said in a news release, adding that the woman was taken to the hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening.

Police said the man who ran off returned fire on the group. Ten shell casings were recovered from the area and two parked cars were also hit. No arrests have been announced.

“Our windows were all shot out and the lady parked next to us – a fellow vendor – she was shot in the right shoulder. I think she’s going to be OK. She’s a tough, tough lady,” local vendor Kelly Saxon said.

Saxon was among witnesses who told FOX 5 they heard the gunshots in the area.

“We were just laying down watching TV and I was kind of drifting asleep and all of a sudden I just heard a bunch of ‘pop pop pop pop pop’ — just kept going,” Saxon said. “And I reached over to keep my husband down because I know I heard bullets coming through the cab. I heard them go by.”

Investigators were working to get security footage in an effort to gather more information.

Monday’s shooting came a little more than a week after four people were hurt in another shooting near Belmont Park. Investigators said a man got into a fight on Aug. 28 and opened fire into a crowd, wounding four people who police believe were uninvolved in the brawl.

Police arrested a 20-year-old man in another incident at Mission Beach on Aug. 3. Police were seeking two men who allegedly assaulted and yelled “anti-LGBTQ slurs” at a 26-year-old woman.