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SAN DIEGO — With restaurant dining restricted to outdoor only, businesses in San Diego County are doing anything they can to keep their doors open — but some have been caught breaking the rules.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced a waiver for restaurants to capture outdoor space amid the newest public health orders. For customers worried about eating indoors during the pandemic, outdoor dinning has been a popular alternative. The Gaslamp Quarter has been bustling with customers, and restaurants seem to be staying afloat.

But just a block away, another group of restaurants attempted to replicate the outdoor seating and, in doing so, blocked a bike lane. The mayor’s executive order explicitly stated no travel lanes would be utilized. Police came to clear the chairs.

Now, owners of restaurants on 6th Avenue are upset with the mayor for leaving them out of the executive order.

“Kevin Faulconer is doing the bike lane from Washington Street from Fifth avenue to Fourth Avenue. You answer me this question: how are they going to survive?” said a business owner who declined to state her name. 

The San Diego City Council will take up the issue Tuesday and work to further clarify the executive order.