SAN DIEGO — A man suspected of trafficking firearms and selling large quantities of drugs throughout San Diego County was arrested Wednesday after a month-long investigation, authorities said.

Harrison Stone, 18, was arrested and booked into the San Diego County Jail on firearms and drug charges, Lt. Adam Sharki with the San Diego Police Department stated in a news release Friday.

Law enforcement conducted searches at two homes.

The first home was located at the 1100 block of E Street in East Village, where authorities say they found a handgun with a loaded 20-round magazine and an unserialized pistol with a detachable magazine and pistol grip with a loaded high-capacity magazine, classified as an assault weapon. They also found a high-capacity rifle and handgun magazines, a fully assembled firearm suppressor, prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia, marijuana and $50,000. 

The second home was located in the 5400 block of Lake Murray Boulevard in La Mesa, where authorities say they found 3.4 kilograms of cocaine, 77 grams of MDMA, 1,000 doses of LSD tabs, 240 bottles of Xanax. They also found seven assault rifles equipped with detachable magazine and pistol grip, one shotgun with a detachable magazine, 12 handguns and two suppressors.