CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Chula Vista police are searching for four suspects in an armed home invasion early Sunday morning, according to authorities.

The invasion took place in a residence in the 1200 block of Pershing Road. around 2 a.m. CVPD was dispatched to the scene after one of the people in the residence had called to report that a suspect shot at her garage door.

According to CVPD, three suspects appeared to have entered the garage through a door that connects to a nearby alley. The fourth was believed to be waiting in a car in the alley.

From there, the intruders attempted to gain entry to the home through the door that connects the garage to the inside.

FOX 5 spoke with one of the victims on Monday, but he asked to have his identity withheld out of safety concerns. He described a terrifying encounter with the suspects after they made it into the garage.

As he recalled, he was inside at the time with his wife, parents and brother, as well as his 1-year-old son. Around 2 a.m., they heard banging coming from the garage door, which he said was right outside his bedroom.

“In the moment, I was definitely scared,” he said. “My flight or fight took over and I chose to fight.”

As the suspects banged, one was able to gain partial entry to the home by breaking open the door, but the resident pushed them back into the garage. He said he then slammed the door closed, trying to barricade it shut.

Moments later, one of the suspects fired a gun sending a bullet through the door, narrowly missing the victim’s leg.

“When I heard that gun shot, I was hoping they don’t try to come back in, because I can’t defend myself from a gun,” he said. “At that time, I called for my brother to call 911 and I think that’s what made them leave.”

After the shot was fired, police say the suspects ran to the getaway car and escaped. No one was injured.

The investigation into the home invasion remains ongoing. Anyone with information on this case, or who can provide additional evidence, is asked to contact San Diego County Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477 or submit a tip via P3tips (online or mobile application)