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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Police shared new details on their search for missing Chula Vista mother Maya Millete Wednesday, disclosing a new location of interest in their investigation.

“Based on investigative leads” officers have recently started searching the area of a closed South Bay golf course, Salt Creek Golf Club, off Hunte Parkway just north of the Rolling Hills Ranch neighborhood in Chula Vista.

The course was closed in 2018 and offered up to developers by the Otay Water District, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. It does not currently appear to be in use.

Authorities did not share further details on what led them to that area, but SkyFOX flew over the neighborhood Wednesday, finding a large abandoned parking lot and a small body of water among the walking paths and sand traps of the former course. Much of the course is now overgrown and buildings there appear to be in disrepair.

A satellite map shows the area surrounding 500 Hunte Parkway, the former site of a Chula Vista golf club, where recent searches by Chula Vista Police Department have been conducted in the disappearance of Maya Millete. (Photo: Google Maps)

Police also shared that they had interviewed at least three additional people since their latest statistics release on May 4. In that span, they have also written an additional eight search warrants and reviewed at least 20 more tips, according to Chula Vista Police Department.

“These tips have come from the local community and from around the country. Most recent tips have also included possible sightings of May in other states to include Wisconsin and New Mexico,” a department spokesperson wrote.

Wednesday’s update came one day after a private meeting between Millete’s loved ones and detectives with Chula Vista Police Department. Millete’s sister said the detailed briefing left the family with renewed confidence in the direction of the investigation.

“My heart kind of lifted, a little bit, that we do have hope,” Maricris Drouaillet told FOX 5. “They have a lot of progress that they have done. They laid out on the table what they plan to do.”

In Wednesday’s update, CVPD shared the following tallies from their investigation:

  • 59 individuals interviewed, including family members, friends, neighbors and witnesses
  • 31 search warrants written for residences, vehicles, cell phones and electronic devices, call records, financial records, social media accounts and cloud data
  • Over 75 tips reviewed on Millete’s possible location and reason for disappearance

You can view a detailed timeline on Millete’s disappearance here.