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Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story contained inaccurate information about the office looking into charges in the case. The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office is pursuing the murder charges, and the story has been corrected.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Authorities say a resident shot and killed a man during a home invasion in Oceanside early Wednesday, and a group suspected of carrying out the robbery was arrested a short time later.

The shooting happened about 1:15 a.m. at the home on Moonstone Bay Drive in the city’s North Valley area. Police say the group, at least one of whom was armed with a gun, was inside the house when a resident got out their own weapon and shot one of them.

The robbers took off, leaving the man who was shot behind, according to the Oceanside Police Department. When officers arrived, they tried to give him medical aid but he was pronounced dead at the home.

Meanwhile, officers pulled over a group of men in a car nearby. They are suspected of being the others involved in the robbery, and were identified by OPD as:

  • Deshawn Ingram, a 29-year-old Oceanside Resident
  • Eric Dunnigan, a 21-year-old Vista Resident
  • Michael Simmons, a 21-year-old San Diego Resident
  • Jaylen Harvey, a 24-year-old Oceanside Resident
  • Sydni Tucker, a 25-year-old Oceanside Resident

Police discovered that Ingram had also been shot, though authorities say they haven’t yet determined whether he was wounded by the resident or by one of his suspected accomplices. He was hospitalized but will eventually be taken into custody, officials said. He was already convicted of a recent assault with a deadly weapon and had been out on bail while awaiting his sentence, OPD added.

For the home invasion that turned deadly Wednesday, police said each man faced both robbery and murder charges. Even though no one in the group is suspected of shooting the man who died at the home, the San Diego County District Attorney’s office was pursuing the murder charges because he died in commission of a felony that the group was involved in, OPD spokesperson Jennifer Atenza explained.

The resident who killed the man was not identified and is not suspected of a crime, officials said. The man who died has also not been publicly named.

Atenza said investigators were still sorting through the details of the case. Anyone with information was asked to contact Detective Ryan Malone at 760-435-4537 or the agency’s anonymous tip line at 760-435-4730.