Police report increase in illegal firework complaints

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LEMON GROVE, Calif. — San Diego police say complaints about illegal fireworks are up 500% from last June.

“We went from 28 to 142,” Lt. Shawn Takeuchi told FOX 5. “We don’t have an explanation.”

And just to the east in Lemon Grove, when the sun sets, the faint booms in the distance start up.

Resident Kathryn Daley said she hears fireworks “pretty much every night” in her neighborhood. “It’s scary.”

Juan Ruiz, who helps run the community’s Facebook page, says it has been flooded with complaints of fireworks over the past 30 days.

“I definitely hear fireworks in my neighborhood three or four times a night and in different locations,” Ruiz said. “Maybe because of COVID-19 people are home bored?”

Earlier this month, Los Angeles police said they had confiscated 800 pounds of fireworks.

“Did you hear all the #Fireworks last night? We did too and we did something about it,” LAPD Southwest Division wrote in a tweet.

Most of San Diego County’s firework shows have been canceled for the 4th of July, with just a handful still scheduled. But the cancelations don’t mean people can fill the void on their own.

Escondido Fire Department took to Facebook to remind residents that all fireworks are illegal and “the risk of injury and fire,, especially wildfire, is just too great.”

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