SAN DIEGO — Police Wednesday released bodycam and home security video of a home invasion hostage standoff that prompted an officer to fire his weapon but resulted in no injuries and an arrest in the Tierrasanta neighborhood, authorities said.

Demetrius Trussell, 40, was arrested Saturday evening after surrendering to police following gunshots that were aimed at him, but did not strike his body, according to the San Diego Police Department. He was booked into jail on suspicion of hot prowl burglary, kidnapping, false imprisonment with a hostage, negligent discharge of a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, indecent exposure, assault with the intent to commit a sex crime, sexual battery, multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon and a parole hold.

San Diego police initially received a report Saturday around 12:30 a.m. about a person who tried to force entry into a home in the 4000 block of Rueda Drive, Lt. Adam Sharki stated in a press release Wednesday. The person was believed to have driven off in a white minivan, which had previously been reported stolen in a carjacking, police said.

While SDPD officers were searching the area for a suspect, a second call came in at around 1 a.m. about a man attempting to force entry into another nearby home in the 5300 block of La Cuenta Drive. Officers responded, continuing to search for the man.

Then at around 2:18 a.m., police received a call from a homeowner who reported her residence had been broken into in the 10900 block of Viacha Drive. Home security footage from another residence confirmed the same white minivan pulled up to the location in video released by police.

“I have an intruder in the house that’s naked,” the caller, a 53-year-old woman, says in the video.

During the call, the woman and her father had barricaded themselves in a room upstairs, police said.

As authorities arrived on scene, bodycam footage shows officers Cadiente and Patrick Richards approach the home and climb the backyard fence. Cadiente can be seen walking to the side of the home and talking with the homeowner’s father who was upstairs when the suspect is heard breaking through a door where the two victims were hiding.

“There’s yelling and someone is trying to break into the house right now in that room,” Cadiente tells Richards who then shatters the patio window.

The bodycam footage shows the two officers enter the home, with a group of other officers gathered at the stairwell. Police drew their guns when they saw the suspect holding the hostage at gunpoint in the upstairs room.

“Ignoring officers’ commands to surrender, the suspect took the victim hostage at gunpoint and forced her into another bedroom. During the totality of this interaction, the suspect exposed himself and sexually battered the homeowner multiple times,” Sharki said.

As officers were in the stairwell talking to the suspect, Cadiente’s bodycam video shows him climb up to the home’s balcony to evacuate the homeowner’s father. Richards, on the other hand, climbed onto a nearby rooftop, using a rifle to fire multiple rounds at the suspect through a window, according to Sharki. The suspect was not hit by the rounds.

“However, in response to the rifle rounds, the suspect dropped to the floor, threw the gun away, and was taken into custody. The homeowner and her father were safely rescued,” Sharki said.

Police said officers found the handgun used by the suspect, which was located upstairs near where he was arrested.

The investigation remains ongoing as detectives work to determine if the same suspect was involved in all three reported incidents.

WARNING: The video below contains explicit language and graphic images that viewers may find disturbing.