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WARNING: The video below contains explicit language and graphic images that viewers may find disturbing.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego police Monday released bodycam footage of the shooting of a man who pointed what was later determined to be a BB gun at officers in the San Carlos neighborhood last month.

The suspect died from his injuries the day after the shooting.

The incident started when police received a call around 4:11 p.m. on March 30 about a man armed with a gun in the 6500 block of Bonnie View Drive, according to police. Police said in the video that the caller was 60-year-old Andrew Farnham posing as his 91-year-old father on the phone in an “apparent attempt to lure officers to the home.”

“We have a family problem,” Farnham can be heard stammering on the phone. “We need a cop.”

The 911 dispatcher responded by asking him what the emergency was.

“My son has got a gun and he could do damage,” Farnham said.

Farnham told the dispatcher that his 60-year-old son was waving the gun around and threatened him with the weapon.

Police said officers were sent to the scene, where officers gathered at a nearby park to plan a safe arrest of Farnham that included de-escalation techniques and the use of less-lethal options.

As officers were outside the home where the suspect was located, Farnham’s 91-year-old father could be seen in the bodycam footage outside the home being escorted by police.

“Before officers could speak with the father and gather more info, Farnham suddenly walked into the open garage with what appeared to be a firearm in his hand,” police stated in the video. “It was later determined the weapon was a BB gun that resembled the appearance of a firearm.”

The bodycam footage released was worn by Sgt. Zachary Pfannenstiel, who ultimately shot Farnham during the incident.

Officers including Pfannenstiel can be heard repeatedly telling Farnham to “drop the gun” and calling for less-lethal bean bag shotgun to be readied. But Farnham did not comply, first pointing the BB gun at the ceiling of the garage and responding “no,” followed by saying “shoot me” twice and then aiming it at officers.

When the gun was pointed at officers, the video shows Pfannenstiel shoot his service weapon three times, striking Farnham. Police said officers gave Farnham multiple commands to slide the gun away from his possession, but Farnham still had the BB gun in his hand, which police said prevented officers from approaching to render first aid.

After several minutes, a police canine was deployed to separate Farnham from the weapon so that officers could safely approach, police said. That’s when officers were able to begin medical aid until paramedics arrived.

Farnham was transported to a local hospital, where he died of his injuries on March 31, according to police.

Homicide unit conducted the investigation and it will be reviewed by the San Diego County District Attorney to determine if officers carry any criminal liability, SDPD stated. The FBI and U.S. Attorneys office also will be monitoring the investigation while the Shooting Review Board evaluates tactics used by the officers.

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