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WARNING: Video contains graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

SAN DIEGO – On Tuesday, video from a fatal August police-involved shooting in City Heights was released by San Diego Police Department.

Forty-eight-year-old Scholar Wang was shot and killed by a SDPD officer during a standoff with police that stemmed from alleged assaults on two members of the man’s family, according to San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

The incident happened in the morning hours of Aug. 23, when officers were called to the 1500 block of Bridgeview Drive for reports of an assault with a deadly weapon, officials said at the time. The video now states that a call initially came from a neighbor who said one of two elderly victims, Wang’s aunt and great aunt, came to her home for assistance following the incident.

“One of them got out and came over to my door — she’s bleeding quite a bit,” the neighbor tells the dispatcher. Along with clips from the 911 call, authorities also included photos of the woman’s injuries, including bruised and bloody hands and a laceration to her scalp.

Upon arrival at the scene, police set up a perimeter around the home and attempted to bring the man out.

“Scholar, this is the San Diego Police Department. We need to talk to you, we need to do it safely,” an officer states in the newly-released video.

After the man failed to follow police’s request, officers began to enter the home through a patio door in the back of the residence. Officers then used a K-9 and bean bag rounds but did not breach the man, who had barricaded himself inside one of the rooms.

Inside of the home, officers can be seen and heard attempting to remove the man from the barricaded room before eventually breaking down the barricade by hand. Officers then deployed pepper spray into the bathroom where Wang was hiding but the man did not come out. This attempt went on for 90 minutes before officers attempted to breach the door.

At that time, Wang appears to swing a metal bar he was holding at an officer kicking the door down, causing the officer to retreat. The K-9 is deployed and makes contact with the suspect, while police call out for Wang to show his hands.

The video then shows the K-9 in the bathroom with Wang while officers stand outside and repeatedly shout, telling the man to put down his weapon. At one point, Wang can be seen swinging the bar, which police say he used to strike the K-9. Police say as officers approached the shower, Wang raised the bar over his head.

Officials say that the K-9 involved did sustain an injury to the head but that no other officers were injured.

Officers then attempted to provide life-saving care to Wang but he later died from his injuries.

Following the incident, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office’s Homicide Unit was called to the scene to investigate. The matter remains under investigation by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office and the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office will also monitor the case, according to the San Diego Police Department.