ESCONDIDO, Calif. — The Escondido Police Department is investigating an incident involving a bus driver and San Pasqual High School students.

In the video provided by North County Transit District, several students board the NCTD Breeze bus at the bus stop outside the school on Tuesday. The video shows the driver approaching two students, and after talking for a few seconds, he motions them to leave the bus. 

The students stay seated, and the driver goes to the front of the bus.  

Escondido police said before the driver could call police, the two students started to leave. The front-of-the-bus video shows the two students trying to get off the bus, but the driver is blocking the door. One of the students shoves the driver twice, then kicks him and pushes him some more.  

In the video, the other student is seen trying to get through the driver. The driver eventually lets them pass when one of the students gives him a shoulder bump and the driver is seen pushing that one out of the bus, according to the video and police. The other student pushes the driver out of the bus, according to the video.  

From NCTD’s video facing outside, the fight continues with the student who pushed the driver off. The driver appears to pull the girl while she swings at him. Police said that student began punching the driver and knocked him to the ground.  

The other student, who gave the driver the shoulder, comes back in and starts kicking the driver, as seen on the NCTD video.  

Police said another student and an off-duty security guard broke up the fight. The driver eventually makes it back to his feet and the students leave.  

Police said on Tuesday, it would be revealed what criminal charges the three 14-year-old students face: two involved in the fight and a third who took video of the incident.

Police said they have no pending charges for the driver.  

NCTD released the following statement:

“NCTD is concerned about the unfortunate incident that occurred at a bus stop near San Pasqual High School. We take the safety our passengers and bus personnel very seriously. 

MV Transportation (MV), NCTD’s contractor for bus operations and the employer of the bus driver, is actively conducting an investigation of the incident under the oversight of NCTD.  

Separately, NCTD is advancing its own investigation and will take the appropriate actions pending the outcome of that investigation.”

In another statement, the district added:

“The safety of our passengers and bus operators is our top priority. NCTD’s investigation is ongoing. The details of what took place are being thoroughly reviewed from all aspects. 

If it is determined that safety policies and procedures were not followed and sound judgment was not exercised, we will take immediate and appropriate action.” 

NCTD said the driver is on leave, thought it was unclear if that is paid leave. 

The Escondido Union High School District released the following statement: 

“We are very disappointed that some of our students engaged in a physical altercation with an NCTD bus driver after school near San Pasqual High School. Their actions run contrary to what we teach our students about peacefully resolving conflicts. We are cooperating with the EPD and the NCTD in their investigations, and the students will face appropriate disciplinary action once our investigation is complete.”