SAN DIEGO — Police are out in full force around San Diego State University for the Halloween madness.

Police are beefing up security to keep everyone safe as some recent Halloween parties near campus have ended in shots fired.

Ambulance sirens blared near SDSU for the past two weekends now as students celebrate Halloween.

“It is a little worrying because this isn’t the first incident even like during Halloween. It’s like a recurring issue,” student Juan Ochoa said.

Police say just this past weekend a 21-year-old man and his girlfriend were leaving a Halloween party near Montezuma Place when they were confronted by a group and the man was shot in the shoulder.

“It’s a little too close to where I’m living and I’m dorming and I don’t feel like it should be happening, especially where I’m supposed to be safe and to get an education,” student Olivia Wong said.

The weekend before that, police responded to another shooting after a fight broke out at a Halloween party on Pembroke Drive. One man was shot in the arm.

“I think it’s scary and I’m hoping that the police department around here is able to do something to help prevent them in the future,” Wong said.

Officers say they will also respond to noise complaints with a warning first, but if they have to come back they may issue a $500 fine to violators.

“It’s really good because I’ve seen a lot of people coming out really buzzed and like I feel like it’s more safer if we have more police around campus,” Ochoa said.

SDSU says it increased both police and non police security patrols around campus, and sent a safety message to students and staff ahead of Halloween weekend.