Plan to consolidate 2 Oceanside elementary schools rejected


OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Oceanside families celebrated Tuesday after the local school district’s board took back a proposal to consolidate the district’s two smallest elementary schools.

“We will not move forward with consolidation of schools at this time,” Oceanside Unified Superintendent Julie Vitale said after the unanimous board vote. “We will start the process to rebuild Reynolds Elementary and modernize Surfside Academy.”

Parents and staff at Del Rio and Libber elementary schools which were in jeopardy of getting combined say they were caught off guard by the proposal. They mobilized quickly and let the board know how they felt leading up to the special meeting.

“At Del Rio last year one of our teachers was a teacher of the year,” said Julia Sanchez, PTO President at Del Rio Elementary “There’s nothing wrong with our school. There’s nothing wrong with our building. They were just forcing us over. It’s not fair.”

While Del Rio and Libby are the two smallest schools in the district, parents believe the student-to-teacher ratio is ideal. 

“We’re in a pandemic,” said Nataly Sanchez, PTO President Libby Elementary. “The worst thing they could do is put over 25 students in a class.”

Ultimately, the board backpedaled on its original proposal which left those calling in for public comment with nothing but positive feedback. 

The rebuild of Reynolds Elementary is expected to take 4-5 years, but parents in the district are largely in favor of that campus receiving the much-needed improvements. 

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