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SAN DIEGO – Red Kayy and Mari Getter walked outside Wednesday to find the roof of the Range Rover they were renting smashed in.

“What could do something like that?” they said.

Police say it was water balloons thrown from a high-rise in East Village that caused major damage to the Range Rover and other cars in the street below. Neighbors said they watched people throw water balloons over the balcony from more than 30 floors up.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Andrew Tzikas said. He lives in the area and saw the damage. He said people throw stuff over the balcony all the time.

“They’re throwing bottles too,” he said. “At the dog park the other day, there was a smashed Jack Daniels bottle in the ground and it looked like a crater hit the ground.”

Another neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, agreed that there have been similar incidents before.

“That building, in my opinion, is a huge disaster,” she said. “They egg our building across the street. It’s unfortunate that a lot of these buildings rent out to Airbnbs and don’t monitor it”

FOX 5 spoke to management at the building, Pinnacle on the Park.

They said they would be cooperating with police if charges are filed. They also said Airbnbs aren’t allowed in the building, though they know some residents skirt the rules.

FOX 5 found an Airbnb post for the building next door that read in part, “please keep in mind that this is a privately leased building and you cannot mention Airbnb during your stay.”

“Like every other week, there’s packs of 20 people coming in and I’m all ‘Oh, there’s another Airbnb party here tonight,'” Tzikas said.

Police said no charges were filed as of Wednesday morning, but that could change. They say charges of felony vandalism could be pursued against whoever is responsible and if they can prove those individuals were aiming for people, felony assault with a deadly weapons charges could be in play.

  • Police believe water balloons thrown from a East Village high rise building are to blame for damage to several cars.
  • Police say it happened around 1 a.m., when a security guard called officers.
  • The security guard said people were throwing balloons from above the 30th floor.
  • Neighbors said they believe some units in the high rise are being rented out as Airbnbs.
  • That's despite a building spokesperson saying that's against the rules.
  • Police said no arrests were made.
  • Neighbors say something needs to change.
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