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SAN DIEGO — Labor Day weekend has started for many folks in San Diego County as dozens of them are flocking to the beach.

San Diego native turned New Yorker Paul Rojas is cooling off his east coast family this holiday weekend. Rojas and his family will enjoy swimming and spotting wildlife, the father said.

“With all this heat, this is the best place to be,” Rojas said.          

San Diego Lifeguard lieutenant Lonnie Stephens said they are prepared for bigger crowds. For the Labor Day holiday, the department has added staff to the beaches and upstaffed the boating traffic staff. The department will also be working closing with their San Diego police partners and San Diego Fire and Rescue for education, surveillance and enforcement.

“All the towers will be open, lifeguards will be out in full force…we will be making contact with people all day long, especially if they are in the water,” Stephens said.

Stephens suggests people check in with lifeguard, when they arrive to the beach to get knowledge on the current water conditions and rip currents. Stephens said it’s best for swimmers to swim by tower.

Stephens said a reminder to people who will be operating a boat will need : a California boating card; a personal floatation on; to not operate if intoxicated; to be mindful of their speed.

As San Diego County continues to be in an excessive heat warning over the holiday weekend, Stephens reminds people to take care of themselves.

“The planning should’ve started yesterday, hydrate your body and bring your essentials to the beach,” Stephens said.

It’s too hot to be outside this Labor Day weekend for San Diegan Steven Lewis.

“We were just talking about it…we’re thinking of just staying home because it’s too hot, even for the beach so we just crank up the AC, chill at home and eat some good food,” Lewis said.

Whether inside or outside, officials emphasize people to find shade, wear sunscreen and swim near lifeguards.

“Please pack your patience, be kind to one another. The heat does add a stressor, we are only human, just take those deep breaths when you get here,” Stephens said.

San Diego Lifeguards are also hiring for next summer. Swim tests take place on Sept. 22, 23 and 24 at 8 a.m.